Article X

     Section 1.  An amendment to this Constitution may be proposed by a Constitutional Convention.  At least every ten years, the Legislature shall submit to the voters the question:  "Shall there be a Convention to amend the Constitution?"  If a majority of ballots cast upon the question is in the affirmative, delegates to the Convention shall be chosen no later than the next regular election in the State.

     Section 2.  An amendment to this Constitution may be proposed by a popular initiative.  An initiative is proposed by a petition containing the proposed amendment.  The petition shall be signed by at least twenty-five percent of the registered voters and filed with the Governor who shall certify its validity.

     Section 3.  The Legislature may propose an amendment to this Constitution by adopting a resolution by a three-fourths vote of the members of the Legislature.

     Section 4.  At a general or special election, or a referendum, a proposed amendment shall be submitted to the electorate for approval or rejection upon a separate ballot.  A proposed amendment shall become part of this Constitution when approved by a majority of votes cast.

     Section 5.  The Legislature shall appropriate funds and enact necessary legislation to implement this Article.