Local Governments

     Section 1.  Local Governments.
     The local governments comprising the Pohnpei Government on the effective date of this Constitution are Kapingamarangi, Kitti, Kolonia Town, Madolenihmw, Mwokil, Net, Ngetik, Nukuoro, Pingelap, Sokehs, and Uh.

     Section 2.  Constitution of the Local Governments.
     Each local government may establish its own constitution.  Such constitution shall not be inconsistent with this Constitution or Pohnpei law, in effect on the effective date of this Constitution and may provide a functional role for traditional leaders.

     Section 3.  Local Government Authority.
     The local governments may exercise all authority not prohibited under this Constitution and Pohnpei law.

     Section 4.  Local Government Boundaries.
     (1)     This Constitution does not change the boundaries of the local governments.

     (2)     No local government may be divided or consolidated.

     Section 5.  Areas Outside the Local Governments.
     Areas within the jurisdiction of Pohnpei located outside the boundaries of the local governments shall be administered by the Government of Pohnpei until such time as, by statute, such areas are incorporated into existing local governments with the consent of the affected local governments or are established as separate local governments having the same rights as the other local governments.