Title 6

Part I.  Provisions of
General Applicability

Chapter 1.  Powers

Section 6.101.  Powers.

       Section 6.101.  Powers.

     (1)  The Court has the power to:

     (a)  issue writs and other process;

     (b)  make rules and orders;

     (c)  grant bail, accepting and forfeiting security therefor;

     (d)  make orders for the attendance of witnesses with or without documents;

     (e)  make orders for the disposal of exhibits;

     (f)  admit qualified persons as attorneys or counselors to practice law, and discipline or disbar them for cause; and

     (g)  do all acts, not inconsistent with law or rule, required for the due administration of justice.

Cross reference:
The constitutional provisions on the Judiciary are found in Kosrae Const., Art. VI.