DRAFT CSC, Title 1. General Provision
Legal Holidays

1101.  Power of the Governor to proclaim.
1102.  Observance.
1103.  State Charter Day declared.
1104.  Chuuk State Constitution Day declared.

      1101.  Power of Governor to proclaim.
     The Governor shall have the power to proclaim and designate other days during the year as legal holidays for the purpose of public observation or celebrations, days during the year other than those specified in this Chapter; provided however, he shall not proclaim a holiday less than 48 hours in advance of the day to be observed as a holiday.  The Governor shall announce all legal holidays with an appropriate proclamation.

Source:  TSL 3-10, 1 (51), modified.

      1102.  Observance.
     When a legal holiday falls on a Saturday, it shall be observed on the preceding Friday.  When a legal holiday falls on a Sunday, it shall be observed on the following Monday.

Source:  TSL 3-10, 1 (52).

      1103.  State Charter Day declared.
     The twenty-sixth of September is established as the State Charter Day and shall be observed as a legal holiday each year in Truk Chuuk State.

Source:  TSL 3-10, 1 (50), modified.

      1104.  Chuuk State Constitution Day declared.
     October 1 of every year is hereby designated as Chuuk State Constitution Day and is an official legal holiday for Chuuk State.  This legal holiday shall, by all persons in Chuuk State regardless of nationality or religion, be observed and celebrated as appropriate for the birth of the Chuuk State Constitutional Government.

Source:  CSL 190-3, 1.

Editor's note:  CSL 190-3, that enacted this section was signed into law by the Governor on July 9, 1990.